Super 8 / 16mm / 8mm to Digital Transfer

Many years ago, when people wanted to capture special moments in their lives, the only option of the day was film. While modern technology now enables everyone’s smartphone to record high-quality video at the drop of a hat, there is still something truly special about seeing your loved ones enjoy their lives in a world that no longer exists. Also, the look and quality of film recordings and the eras that they captured is truly magical.

From the 1930s to 1970s, the most common reels of choice were 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm film.
At Transfer to Digital, we’re capable of transferring these old film formats with our $45,000 state-of-the-art film scanner. This German engineered machine has the latest in film scanning technology, capable of capturing your film in full 2k resolution (2048×1536 pixels), higher than what many other transfer services can provide.

Transfer DVD to Mp4

The sprocketless design ensures that even the most delicate of film can be transferred without harming it. It’s also capable of capturing magnetic and optical audio recorded on some of these old film formats. The scanner’s proprietary software enables our technicians to find the best possible exposure and color balance to ensure the finest possible transfer of your precious memories.


Your film will be scanned frame-by-frame and converted to a high bit-rate MP4 video file, which is then copied to a USB stick, portable hard drive, or uploaded to the cloud – enabling you to share them with family and friends for years to come.


A new era of the film has dawned. Transfer DVD to Mp4 allows you to preserve your old memories in new formats for generations to come. Say goodbye to imperfect transfers, scratches, and compressed digital copies with the latest MP4 technique. Your cherished memories deserve to be preserved with transfer DVD to Mp4 technology. You can now watch them go past in a matter of seconds.

Additional film scanning options

  • Audio Capture +$0.10/foot – both magnetic and optical audio capture is available
  • Digital Clean +$0.08/foot – software reduction of film noise and dust and scratch reduction
  • Wet-Gate Scanning +$0.15/foot – for optical scratch and crack correction
  • Raw or corrected footage available on request
  • Alternate final delivery formats available, including ProRes and DPX image sequences
  • DVD creation +$19.95 – with menus and chapters for each film reel
We’re committed to providing high-quality transfers, so come in and transfer your 8mm, 16mm or Super8 film with Transfer to Digital today!


Film transfers are some of the more involved transfers that we do, but because we do all our transfers in-house, we can still offer a relatively quick turn-around of 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the volume of your film transfer order.   

Rush film transfers are available, but please contact us for more information if you need your transfer done as quickly as possible.

Just a few more reasons to choose us:

Flexible Options

We try to accommodate all special requests ranging from transferring to hard drive (provided by customer), minor editing or combining tapes. We aim to be flexible in our services

Guaranteed Work

In addition to our quality assurance processes and manual spot checking of each DVD transfer, we offer a 30-day guarantee with each transfer, correcting any unlikely errors.

A history in video production

Transfer to Digital is operated by Sandcastle Pictures Inc., an experienced video and film production company.

Ready to capture your memories for a lifetime?