You or your parents probably have a number of video tapes lying in boxes in storage somewhere. There have been many video tape formats over the decades (check out the photos and details for each below). While VHS, Hi8, and MiniDV were the most common, there were many others. We transfer them all!

Top 4 Reasons to Digitize Your Video Tapes with Transfer to Digital Now

  1. The cost to transfer them to a digital format will only increase as time passes. Video tape players are getting more and more scarce, as is the parts for them, and the technicians that can repair and maintain them are getting fewer and fewer.

  2. You currently cannot view them. Your family spent all that time and money in the past capturing those memories, yet it’s now likely that you no longer have a functioning device to view those captured memories. What’s the point of capturing memories and storing them on video tapes that no one can enjoy watching?

  3. Video tapes can degrade over time. Without perfect storage, mold and other forms of corruption can reduce the quality of playback of your memories. Why risk waiting?

  4. That relative or friend that promised to transfer them 10+ years ago is not going to ever transfer them for you. 🙂 You may have been holding on to that hope for years, but it takes equipment and significant time to transfer video tapes. Let us do that for you today and your family can enjoy these memories right now.

Bring in your tapes today so they are preserved and viewable by your family for years to come.