Video Tape to Digital Service

You’re most likely to find VHS, Hi8, Video8, and MiniDV tapes hiding in closets and storage boxes these days, when at one time they were the most popular video formats around! Others like Betamax, UMatic, and DVCAM were less mainstream, but still common. We transfer them all!

Film to Digital Service

Is your projector broken? We are equipped with a state-of-the-art film scanner that can transfer these delicate yet magical glimpses into the past to glorious 2k digital files that area easy to view and share.

Image to Digital Service

Photos, slides, negatives, and documents have chronicled our history, from personal moments to global events. These tangible mementos, predating the digital age, stand as irreplaceable portals to our shared and individual pasts.

Audio to Digital Service

Remember that awesome band that you were in back in 1986, or the first mix tape that your partner made for you or how about that loved one who spoke on tape before there was video? We are able to convert those unheard memories from the past to digital file and CD!

Disc Transfer Service

CDs and DVDs revolutionized digital storage, offering enhanced audio, video, and data capabilities. Now nearly obsolete, it's time to get your memories off of discs to other more robust and flexible methods of storage.

Data Copy Service

From floppy discs to cloud storage, the landscape of data storage has witnessed transformative innovations, each reshaping how we save, access, and share data. Let us help you get your memories where you want them, so they are easily shared and enjoyed by family and friends.

Creative – Your Expert Editing Service

At Transfer to Digital, we believe that memories are timeless treasures. But with our expertise, we can transform these memories into masterpieces. Beyond our renowned media transfer services, we possess a talented team of professional editors (from Sandcastle Pictures).