Get Creative with our Professional Post-Production Services

At Transfer to Digital, we believe that memories are timeless treasures. But with our expertise, we can transform these memories into masterpieces. Beyond our renowned media transfer services, we possess a talented team of professional editors (from Sandcastle Pictures). Our editors, seasoned with experience from editing many short films, commercials, and three feature films, use their skills to elevate your transferred content. With cutting-edge tools and a passion for storytelling, we’re ready to breathe new life into your cherished moments.

Memory Montages

Imagine reliving the best moments of your past without wading through hours of footage. Our Memory Montage service is tailored to do just that. Either pinpoint the highlights yourself or leave it to our discerning eyes; we’ll craft a captivating highlight reel that encapsulates the essence of your memories. Perfect for sharing with friends and family, our montages ensure that the best parts of your story are front and center.


Still images hold potent memories, but with our slideshow service, those static moments come alive. We infuse motion, sync them with evocative music (of your choosing), and enhance with elegant titles, creating a dynamic viewing experience. Whether it’s a journey through time or a celebration of a special event, our slideshows transform photos into narratives.


Age and wear often mar media, but with a little bit of love and know-how, your media can regain its original glory. From removing the bad mic hum in your grandfather’s only voice recording, to removing distracting noise, dust, and scratches from your parent’s 8mm film reels from the 60s, to fixing that crease in the only photo you have of your great grandparents… we can do it all. Entrust us with your treasured content, and we’ll ensure every frame and pixel radiates its best quality.