Transfer Cassette to Mp3

Our sophisticated cassette players can even recognize pauses on the cassette, and break it down into tracks on a CD!  We can create MP3’s of these audio files so they can be put on your devices and shared at the click of a button with your friends and family.

Audio Cassettes to Digital Conversion

Just as with VHS and other tape formats, the tape in cassettes deteriorates over time, so it is important to get it transferred as soon as possible. Not only does it make your old tapes much easier to enjoy, but it also preserves your memories for years to come! And who knows, maybe you’ll get the band back together for one more tour!


This is partly dependent upon the number and duration of the cassettes you want transferred, but we aim to turn cassette transfer projects around in a week.

Just a few more reasons to choose us:

Flexible Options

We try to accommodate all special requests ranging from transferring to hard drive (provided by customer), minor editing or combining tapes. We aim to be flexible in our services

Guaranteed Work

In addition to our quality assurance processes and manual spot checking of each DVD transfer, we offer a 30-day guarantee with each transfer, correcting any unlikely errors.

A history in video production

Transfer to Digital is operated by Sandcastle Pictures Inc., an experienced video and film production company.

Ready to capture your memories for a lifetime?

got questions? we got answers!

How do you convert cassette tapes to CDs?

The cost for a typical video tape to DVD transfer service ranges from $9.95 to $39.95 per tape. Additional services may cost extra and , VHS conversion service should be willing to work with you to create a realistic estimate for your job.Aug 22, 2017
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Can you transfer 8mm tape to DVD?

All 8mm tapes, whether they are Hi8 or Digital8 hold up to two hours of footage. So when you’re converting your 8mm tapes to DVD, at least one full tape always fits onto a single DVD, but it’s possible to fit more if they are not all full or dual layer DVDs are used.
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How long does it take to transfer a VHS to DVD?

If you want to have your own DVD to share and take to parties, you’ll need to burn them yourself. Usually, depending on the length of the movies being burned, that can take around 30 minutes to an hour. That’s just for one DVD. As you can see, the hours are really starting to add up.
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Can you still buy a VCR?

Places You Probably Won’t Find VCRs Demand is low since VHS is no longer the ruling movie format. Most stores would rather sell you a player for the DVDs and Blu-Ray discs they stock. You might think to go VCR hunting in pawn shops but think again. … VCRs and VHS tapes are still for sale in the online marketplace.Apr 20, 2018
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