Don’t know what’s on your old video tapes? Transfer to Digital has free-to-use video tape viewing stations!

Remember those old video tapes tucked away in your closet, collecting dust and fading into oblivion? It’s time to embark on a nostalgic journey with Transfer to Digital’s latest offering – free video tape viewing stations! In this blog post, we’ll show you why you should grab this opportunity, unearth your forgotten memories, and save money in the process.

Your Dilemma

It’s entirely possible that you or family members have captured memories on video tapes but forgot to label them…. or maybe your uncle had his ‘special’ system but never shared it with anyone else in the family. Regardless, you have a collection of old video tapes and no idea what’s on most of them. Your VCR or camcorder broke down years ago. Employing the services of a digitization company like Transfer to Digital makes sense, but wouldn’t it be wise to ensure you’re not paying to digitize tapes with content you don’t want?

Review Your Tapes Beforehand to Save Money and Digitize with Purpose

Well, no need to be concerned! Transfer to Digital has video tape viewing stations at each of our locations in Vancouver and Kelowna, where you can view your VHS, Video8, Hi8, and MiniDV tapes.

The Viewing Station Experience

Our viewing stations are designed for your convenience. No charges, no obligations – just pure nostalgia. Simply contact us to book a time to come in and you can spend as long as you are willing to review the content on your tapes.

Sit down and relax as you take a trip down memory lane. Maybe you’ll find an amazing shot of Grandpa expounding tales of how he had to walk through 4 feet of snow to get to school most days, or maybe you’ll also find a tape of the wedding your aunt had to that drummer she met at that concert in ’84, which unsurprisingly turned into a divorce 6 months later. Voila! Timeless shot of tales from Grandpa found and money saved NOT digitizing the wedding no-one wants to remember!

  • Easy Access: Visit either of our locations in Vancouver or Kelowna and view your old video tapes hassle-free.
  • No Pressure: There’s no commitment. Take your time to view and decide what’s worth digitizing. It’s totally acceptable if you decide to digitize nothing.
  • Knowledgeable Staff: Our friendly staff is here to assist and answer any questions you may have. Your satisfaction is our goal!

Don’t Wait – Take Action!

Don’t let the fear of digitizing unwanted content delay you any longer from finding the unearthed gems in your collection. Dust them off, visit our free tape viewing stations, and relive those magical moments from the past. Decide which ones you’d like to digitize and transform them into accessible nostalgia you can share with family and friends.

Join the Conversation

Have you already used our free tape viewing stations? Share your experiences and let us know what hidden treasures you’ve uncovered. If you’re planning a visit, tell us what you’re hoping to find!

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