Why We Were Booming During Covid

Covid caught the world off guard.

Streets shut down, buildings weren’t bustling, shoppers went online. So, what was it about these times that suddenly made our business so busy?

Could it be because we were forced to consider the most important things in life? That we needed to recall the things that gave us joy? Preserving and reliving family memories, the good times, seeing faces we missed – suddenly took top priority. Connections from our past are the roots that keep us stable when things get rocky. Experiencing our family memories help us remember what we have, what we live for and what truly matters.

But tech isn’t slowing down so neither can we.

It’s more than likely that we also realized how technology in our world is changing faster than it ever has before. Covid made it a necessity. If we were required to work indoors, tech had to make a leap to make this possible. As a result, many traditional ways of working are being left behind at a rapid rate. So too is the machinery we need to transfer old media. Super 8, 8mm, VHS, MiniDV, audio cassettes, CDs and DVDs are getting more and more difficult to preserve as the equipment to play them becomes more and more scarce. What do you risk losing?

Top quality tech companies aren’t even issuing their upgrades with headphone jacks. We are being propelled into adopting new tech without having the time to catch up our old devices or ways of doing things.

More than ever, we need joy and stability in our lives. More than ever, the time is now to transfer those incredibly important memories that bring you that joy. Spread the word to those you love. Tell Mom and Dad, help your grandparents! Bring their memories into our offices. We know this is a critical time and will help you every step of the way. We are becoming the fastest and largest, yet still the most personalized media transfer service in Western Canada.

Don’t Wait Till the Next Storm, Act Now!

Relationships are important to us. You can deal with one provider helping you every step of the way. You won’t find the big box store mentality in our business. Bring those soon-to-be-extinct media and memories out of your boxes and closets to Transfer to Digital today. Contact us now and get the process started.

Take it further! Ask us how to make it into a slideshow or highlight reel (Memory Montage) for all your family to enjoy! Explore all our creative services here.

Don’t wait for the next storm to come before you realize the importance of preserving your roots.

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