How to Download Your Files Sent by Email – Windows and Mac

A Step by step guide to download all files sent to you by email using Google Drive links.

6 Steps

To begin open your email browser or mail application (Gmail, Outlook etc.)

Step 1

Click on the email sent from us (

Note: emails may end up in your junk mail.

Step 2

Click on a link inside the email.

Select one file at a time.

In this example I am selecting the file labelled “Video Tape File.mp4”

Follow the remaining steps below then repeat from this step for every file in your email until all have been downloaded.

Step 3

Click on download.

The download icon can be always be found in the top right hand corner of the page.

Note: Sometimes it is has the download option in the middle of the page. (See Image 2 for example)

Image 1 – All preview generated video files will look like this.
Image 2 – All photo, slide and non preview generated video files will look like this.
Image 3 – All Audio files will look like this.

Step 4 – If Prompted*

(This step is only needed for larger files)

It may take you to this page confirming you would like to download this file.

Click on “Download anyway”

Note: There are absolutely no viruses in the files we deliver. The file is just too large for Google Drive to scan and confirm.

PC – Image

Step 5

(For PC users)

Select where on your computer you would like to save it.

Note: Your computer will not have ALL of the exact same options as shown here but select the appropriate location on your list.

(For Mac Users)

When Selecting “Download anyway” it will automatically start downloading.

In the top right corner of Safari it will show the download tab that will have a progress bar showing how far downloaded the file is.

Clicking on the Download tab will expand the information tab showing more detail.

Step 6

(PC Users)

Click SAVE in the bottom right corner of the pop up.

Then you have successfully downloaded the file!

To confirm, go to the location you selected it to be saved at and find the file, if you see the file and can view it then you have completed the process.

Repeat these steps with all files in your email.

(Mac User)

Then you have successfully downloaded the file!

To confirm, go to the Dock Bar on the bottom of your screen and select either the Finder application (far left icon in the image below) and then select the Downloads tab on the left.

or select the downloads icon which would appear on the right hand side of the Dock Bar shown below

Mac – Finder Icon (Far left circled icon) and Downloads Icon (Circled icon on the right)

Once you have found your way to the Downloads folder you can confirm if you have downloaded your file and repeat the process for all remaining files.