At Transfer to Digital we are also experienced filmmakers.  Therefore, in addition to all of our transfer services, our professional team is able to offer a wide range of creative services.

Once you’ve taken the first step to digitize your memories, then what? You’ll likely watch all those hours of footage only once and then pack them away, never to be viewed again for many years.

While we know that seeing your entire wedding or child’s birthday or any number of memories is fantastic, very few people have the time or patience to watch hours and hours of raw footage, waiting for those highlight moments.

Why not condense all of that content into a short highlight video with music, titles and transitions that you and others are much more likely to watch?  Or perhaps you would like to remember a loved one at a special event…. a wedding, celebration of life, graduation, or simply with the family during the holidays. Whatever the occasion, a Memory Montage will make those events even more special.

And remember, a Memory Montage is not limited to just video either. If you have thousands of photos or slides sitting in albums or carousels, or digital images on your computer, choose the best ones and have us create an animated slideshow set to the music of your choice. Or do a mixture of photographs and video. A Memory Montage can be customized to fit your needs.
  • video editing on larger projects done by professional editors
  • video colour correction, enhancement, and restoration
  • audio correction (de-noise, trim, amplify)
  • narration and voice-over recording (in Kelowna location only)
  • image correction (brightening, sharpening, cleanup, restoration)

Just a few more reasons to choose us:

Flexible Options

We try to accommodate all special requests ranging from transferring to hard drive (provided by customer), minor editing or combining tapes. We aim to be flexible in our services

Guaranteed Work

In addition to our quality assurance processes and manual spot checking of each DVD transfer, we offer a 30-day guarantee with each transfer, correcting any unlikely errors.

A history in video production

Transfer to Digital is operated by Sandcastle Pictures Inc., an experienced video and film production company.

Ready to capture your memories for a lifetime?