DVDs and CDs have many advantages over old tape formats. For instance, DVDs and CDs can be easily and inexpensively duplicated many times over (imagine duplicating a VHS!) That means that you can make as many copies as you like to share with friends and family members. You can also store copies for safekeeping! Unlike VHS tapes or other tapes formats, DVDs and CDs are great for mailing and sharing too. DVDs and CDs are also much more durable than their old tape predecessors too, meaning that a small investment in getting your tapes transferred over, as well as creating a few backup copies, is well worth it!


This is partly dependent upon the number and duration of the tapes you want transferred, but we aim to turn duplication projects around in a matter of days.

Just a few more reasons to choose us:

Flexible Options

We try to accommodate all special requests ranging from transferring to hard drive (provided by customer), minor editing or combining tapes. We aim to be flexible in our services

Guaranteed Work

In addition to our quality assurance processes and manual spot checking of each DVD transfer, we offer a 30-day guarantee with each transfer, correcting any unlikely errors.

A history in video production

Transfer to Digital is operated by Sandcastle Pictures Inc., an experienced video and film production company.

Ready to capture your memories for a lifetime?